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Colombia, Asdrual Andela Pachongo

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This coffee boasts a distinctive character that reflects the resilience of its origin. Expect a lighter body that maintains a perfect balance, providing a sensory journey like no other. The true highlight lies in the coffee's finish – a delightful effervescence and sweetness that linger on the palate. It's a testament to Asdrual, Stiven, and their fellow producers' meticulous attention to detail, nurturing of their plants, and dedicated efforts in coffee production.


Origin: Colombia
Producer: Asdrual Andela Pachongo
Region: Resguardo Indigena Cohetando, Páez, Cauca
Variety: Caturra, V. Colombia
Altitude: 1750 masl
Method: Washed
Importer: Osito

Asdrual, along with Stiven Pachongo, are the leaders of ASPROCAFE, an association of ~50 producers in the Cohetando indigenous reservation in Páez, Cauca. Páez is a notoriously difficult area to work in due to drug trafficking and violence in the area but given its proximity to La Plata, Huila, Asdrual, Stiven and their associates are able to go across the border and deliver their parchment to Osito's warehouse without issue.




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