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With the Covid-19 pandemic our values have all been tested in one way or another. Still, we remain confident that we are, and that we can continue to remain allegiant to developing Fika Coffee in alignment with our deeper values. Furthermore, we aspire to carry on as a healthy and health-giving business for our staff, our customers, and the local Lutsen community. For the sake of transparency, here is our broad stance regarding the new yet constantly changing implications being put upon our social domain due to this unfortunate circumstance.

At Fika Coffee we have three aspects to our business that we consider and include in all the work we do. In fact, our enthusiasm is checked by and tethered to these three aspects. This threefold nature of Fika Coffee, includes Community, Adventure, and Coffee.




Community is likely the one value of ours hit hardest since the start of the pandemic. We value sharing stories and being in connection through conversation, and this necessitates physical proximity. As of March 17th , when our shop closed, all of that seemed to come to an abrupt halt.

Much has happened in the interim period of closure, but overall the time has proven to be quite valuable. We have maintained connection to our community of customers by emphasizing our community drive in new ways. Our online presence has been developed to be more personable. We attempted to give where possible to the local community here in Cook County, as well as the broader population of Minnesota.


Sisu Coffee Project

One new creative and locally based project to come out of this moment is a collaboration between Fika Coffee and Java Moose in Grand Marais. It is called the Sisu Coffee Project and it aims to raise around 30,000 dollars to be donated to different community causes around Cook County. You can learn more about the project here:

Reopening the Cafe

Furthermore, coffee has also been directly helpful to many people throughout this crisis. We are happy to have contributed to some happiness in that regard. And we plan to continue giving the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee to the communities around us. We are planning to reopen the coffee shop on June 4th, yet obviously with some changes.

Fika Coffee will be attempting to uphold social distancing practices without unnecessarily compromising our quality of interaction and engagement with customers. We will be implementing a new waiting area outside the shop to regulate customer flow. Essentially only allowing two parties at a time into the cafe.

We have also made it possible for customers to move one direction through the café - in one door and out the other. Furthermore, we will do our best to accommodate any concerns which customers place before us.

We are asking all customers to take personal responsibility for their health concerns, and if that involves making a request from us, we are open to receiving it. We believe that while this is a collective effort, Fika Coffee is a social space at heart and so we want to keep connection with our customers as a primary goal.


Adventure is implicit in this moment, perhaps overwhelmingly so. For nothing breeds adventure like the unknown, and obviously we are in quite unknown and unfamiliar territory. In one sense, we are embracing this adventure by engaging our capacities of problem solving and adaptability. In another sense, we are establishing even firmer convictions on what is really important to our business. Adventure seems to be finding a strong harmony with practicality at this time. We are appreciative of the very clear limitations that are being exposed and set for us, a new space which we then are able to explore creatively as practically possible.

Food offerings

We will be adding food offerings to our menu for the first time this summer. This is a bit of a frightening endeavor for Fika. Our space is very limited and our staff as well. Because of that, we have crafted a menu which is healthy, simple, but also comfortably sophisticated. Our new food offerings, which include primarily a toast menu and a yogurt and granola bowl option (to begin with) will be available mornings, Friday-Sunday.

Health Elixirs

We have also added a trifecta of health elixirs. Obviously, immune health has gained renewed focus at this time. We hope to contribute to our community’s well-being by offering some powerful immune boosting herbal tonics that can be paired with coffee or taken on their own. Please ask us about Infinity Elixirs when you see us in the shop. We are excited to share what we know about them.



Thankfully thus far, coffee supply chains have been relatively unaffected. Because of that we are still able to seek out the highest quality coffee’s and to continue to work with the partners we have come to trust and depend on. Expect more exceptional coffees this year just as in the past.

New Coffee Coming Soon

This summer should see several new coffees from our favorite family farm in Guatemala, the Villatoro’s. Furthermore, we are developing new relationships with two importers who are aligned with many of the same values as us. Osito Coffee, and Mighty Peace Coffee (out of Madison, Wisconsin), are both providing us with opportunity to connect to some great coffee farms around the world. Our enthusiasm for seeking out great coffee coming from environmentally conscious farmers and ethically minded supply chains continues to guide our coffee menu selections.