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12oz (340g) Musumba Hill, Burundi

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Origin: Burundi
Region: Bukeye
Mill:Bukeye Washing Station
Varietal: Heirloom-Bourbon
Altitude: 1750-1923 masl
Method: Fully Washed
Partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project

At its best, Musumba coffee is rich and saturated with notes of raisins and dried prunes. Tropical stewed fruit flavors fill the cup and are balanced with a subtle acidity and viscous marmalade finish. 

Almost every inch of Musumba is covered in the silvery-grey of eucalyptus trees. Smoke billows up from the valley below where brick makers are hard at work. Beans, cassava, potato, sweet potato, maize, peas, bananas, onions and tea are grown by farming families in the hill’s rich soils. The canopies of banana trees that surround farmers’ fields create a cool climate for coffee to grow in.

The journey from Musumba to the washing station is a long and tiring one. Farmers have to climb up steep hills and back down narrow dirt paths to reach Bukeye. They walk through some of the most beautiful scenery, but have no time to stop and appreciate it, concentrating on the heavy load of cherries resting on their heads. They pass two other washing stations nestled in Musumba’s rolling hills, choosing to travel the distance to Bukeye because with Long Miles they say they have found hope.