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12oz (340g) Ninga Hill 86 - Burundi

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Origin: Burundi

Region: Kayanza

Washing Station: Bukeye

Producer: 176 Ninga Hill farmers

Variety: Heirloom Bourbon

Altitude: 1700-1794 masl

Method: Washed

Partnership with Long Miles Coffee Project

Coffee from Ninga is elegant and complex; delicate and structured. Hibiscus, cotton candy and green apple flavors fill the cup and are balanced with a light acidity. Upon finish, Ninga leaves a crisp, effervescent feel in your mouth.

Two rivers and a province border lie between Bukeye washing station and the hills of Ninga. The community is far beyond the reach of electricity. Even the glass bottles of coca-cola that usually find their way into tiny roadside shops are difficult to find on Ninga. Coffee trees occupy any space they can on this hill - from the edge of the single track dirt paths that weave through the hills to the doorsteps of farmers’ self-made mud brick houses.

With every violent conflict that has broken out in Burundi, Ninga farmers have scattered into the surrounding hills and forest areas with no established place of refuge to run to. During these times the coffee trees have gone into hibernation mode, waiting for their owners to return. Many decades later, farmers return home and try to combat the effects that years of neglect have had on their land. Yet, Ninga hill produces elegant and complex coffees, with flavors that are layered and not at all muddled.