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Guatemala, Florencio Villatoro - ONE OF A KIND

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The One of a Kind Guatemala coffee auction is put on in partnership between The National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafé) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE). One goal of this auction is to expand the market of producers and also to highlight innovative nano and micro lots to the market.

We have once again partnered up with our importer/exporter Onyx Coffee to secure two lots this year.

The El Diamante coffee is a natural processed coffee from Florencio Villatoro farm in Hoja Blanca, Guatemala. Florencio is a member of the Villatoro family, who are near and dear to our hearts.  This coffee placed 15th with a cup score of 87.2 at the One of a Kind Guatemala competition for. 

This coffee is as unique as the mountains it's grown in. Everything we like in a natural process coffee is highlighted. The sweetness has the "typical" berry fruitiness you find in a natural but along with that there is an amazing floral aspect that shines through. It has a sparking light body that is reminiscent of a soft white wine.
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Farm: El Diamante
Farmer: Florencio Villatoro
Variety: Caturra
MASL: 1800
Process: Natural