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Organic Ethiopia, Dimtu Tero Farm

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Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Getachew Zekele

Farm: Dimtu Tero

Location: Guji Region

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Altitude: 1808 - 2128 masl.

Process: Washed

Importer: Trabocca

The Dimtu Tero Farm, otherwise known as Dimtu Plantation, is a 151-hectare semi-forest farm. You won’t notice where the farm begins or ends, because the farm is one with the forests of Guji. Getachew makes efforts to keep nature untouched. His organic coffee production gave the farm its NOP, EU, and JAS certifications. A unique feature for Ethiopian coffee farms. While taking a tour through the farm, Getachew will proudly show the 74110 and 74112 varieties. The Jimma Agricultural Research Center developed these disease-resistant cultivars in 1974.

But before Dimtu Tero Farm opened, Getachew solely sourced from 416 outgrowers that collectively own 989-hectares of coffee land. Small coffee production gardens that surround the Tero, Jelewo Anona, Mancity, and Hangadi villages. The 416 outgrowers give Dimtu Tero priority during harvest because they have a good deal with Getachew.

*5lb bags of coffee are roasted every Wednesday. All orders for 5lb bags are available only in whole beans, and orders that are placed on Wednesday will be roasted and shipped the following week. Please reach out to if you have further questions.