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Sisu Coffee - 12oz (340g)

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This coffee is a crowd pleaser and is enjoyed by people with a wide range of coffee taste preferences. It is a blend of coffee from Central America (Mexico + Guatemala).

Sisu is a Finnish word which captures the idea of one's ability to keep fighting against all odds when others have given up. It's with the spirit of Sisu that we want to hold up and honor all of the Cook County residents who have put their grit, bravery, tenacity of purpose and resilience forward to carve out a life of their own on our rugged North Shore. 

It is roasted and created with community in mind. $10 from each bag sold will be used to support the livelihoods and everyday needs of our local community. Examples of things the money will be use for include, but are not limited to groceries, boxes of diapers or rent assistance. It is our goal to raise $30,000 to put toward this effort.
By purchasing this coffee, you are supporting:
  • The livelihoods and everyday needs of Cook County community members 
  • Small businesses and their employees 
  • Small-scale farmers 
  • The sustainably + ethically grown coffee market 
This project was created in collaboration with Java Moose and Hoaglund Designs.

To find status updates and more about the Sisu Coffee Project, visit



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