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Coffee Subscriptions

Admit it. It’s happened over and over again. You open your bag of coffee only to find there’s juuuuuuust enough coffee for your morning brew. The good news? You’ll be able to have your morning cup. The bad news? You’re outta beans and you need to get another bag as soon as possible.

You know that feeling – right? We’ve been there too, so we’ve created a solution to the problem. Enter the Fika subscription service. Subscribe to have coffee shipped right to your door. You choose how many bags you’d like, how often you want them delivered, and we’ll make sure the coffee lands on your doorstep just when you want it. You can make adjustments or cancel your subscription anytime after the second order. Plus, you’ll save money on each bag when you subscribe.

Never worry about rush shipping a bag of Fika to your house or skipping work so you can make an emergency trip to the North Shore again (but, it’s a good enough excuse to visit if you ask us). Click on the coffee options below to get your subscription started.