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Hi there! We’re Fika Coffee (pronounced fee-kah), a coffee roaster and shop based out of Lutsen, Minnesota.

The concept of fika (a Swedish word meaning coffee break) permeates everything we do. A fika is a moment of quiet indulgence in an otherwise hectic day, sipping a hot cup of coffee after a hike on the trails, time gathering with good friends for great conversation, or a sweet treat enjoyed with your forever friend. For us it’s coffee, community and adventure: 

Coffee COFFEE  We're obsessed with coffee.  Roasting it, brewing it, drinking it. We think coffee is a catalyst for change, both big and small. It’s is a way to love your neighbor, the best way to strike up a conversation and the only way to start a morning. To put it simply, we think coffee is more than just a beverage.

COMMUNITY What does coffee have to do with community?  Well, for starters, everything! Coffee brings people together.  It's common ground, even if you drink yours black and the neighbor puts more cream in the cup than coffee.  It's a reason to linger, a reason to talk, a reason to ask good questions. Coffee concentrates similarities and diffuses differences.  Coffee makes friends from strangers, family from friends and neighborhoods from city streets. Coffee is community.

Adventure ADVENTURE  What about adventure?  What's so adventurous about a cup of coffee?  Nothing, at least not inherently. But just like no day is complete without a cup of coffee, we believe no day is complete without a little bit of adventure.  Maybe today's adventure is camping or maybe it's inviting a new neighbor over for dinner. Starting a new business or finally taking the pottery class you've been dreaming of for years.  Adventure is all about embracing the unknown, daring to take a risk. Adventure keeps life lively and relevant, full of experiences not to be missed. Grab your coffee and go live life.


So, you see, we're more than just a coffee roaster and shop. Thanks for joining us on this ride and for being a big part of our community.


To Cultivate Beauty Through Our Work

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