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Coffee, Drink + Food Menu


Espresso — $3.25
Cappuccino — 4.00 (single), 4.75 (double)
Brewed Coffee — 3.25 (12oz), 3.50 (16oz)

Americano  3.25 (12oz), 3.50 (16oz), 3.50 (Iced)
Latte — 5.15 (12oz), 6.25 (16oz), 6.25 (Iced)
Mocha   5.70 (12oz), 6.80 (16oz), 6.80 (Iced)
Flash Brew — 4.00 (Iced)

Tea — $2.75 (12oz), $3.25 (16oz), $3.25 (Iced)
Masala Chai Tea — $5.15 (12oz), $5.75 (16oz), $5.75 (Iced)
Turmeric Ginger Chai — $5.25 (12oz), $6.00 (16oz), $6.00 (Iced)
Red Tea Latte — $4.35 (12oz), $5.50 (16oz)

Flavors  Maple, vanilla, caramel, cardamom + hazelnut

Affogato — 5.50 
A shot of espresso with a scoop of ice cream

Love Creamery Ice Cream — $3.75 (5oz)
Flavors vary. Ask for current selection.


Signature Drinks

740 Estate — $5.70 (12oz), $6.80 (16oz)
There is just something about driving a Volvo in Minnesota—it’s kinda for the romantic at heart. There is something about oat milk and cardamom together. It’s not just romantic, it’s a super tasty combo. It’s Minneswedish!

Maple Latte  — $5.70 (12oz), $6.80 (16oz)
With 35,000 maple trees tapped each year in our backyard, it only makes sense that we created a maple latte and made it the best we can! When in Lutsen!


Health Elixirs

We recommend taking these as a single shot, but feel free to be adventurous by adding a shot to your drink.

Regenerate — $1.65 (2oz shot)
Build, Restore, Replenish
A formula designed to help restore youthfulness and rejuvenate your vital essence. Made with He Shou Wu, Schizandra, Eucommia, Rehmannia, Goji Berry

Spirit Lifter — $1.65 (2oz shot)
Elevate, Expand, Enlighten
A formula designed to elevate your mind, reduce stress, and uplift your mood. Made with Reishi, Rhodiola, Goji, Asparagus Root, Mucuna

Fortify Immunity — $1.65 (2oz shot)
Protect, Nourish, Strengthen
A formula designed to strengthen adaptability, promote longevity, and nourish your overall immune system at every level. Made with Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Agaricus, Astragalus Root