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Fika Coffee Staff - Lutsen

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Open positions are listed below.


Maitre d’ Fika Coffee (a.k.a. Cafe Lead)

  • Wage based on experience + qualifications, starting at $15
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays 
  • 30-40 hours a week
  • Opportunity for bonuses

Position Summary

This position has two main focuses within the cafe: one being the drinks/food that is being served and second being the hospitality that is being delivered to our customers when they walk through the cafe door. The position will work towards maintaining our cafe standards with its drink/food offerings along with improving our menu by bringing in new, fresh and creative ideas. Fika is a family and part of the family are our guests who come through the front door. Whether they are a regular local or a seasonal friend we expect that this person is given a warm, sincere greeting and interaction to each guest.

This position will also be expected to chip in on other duties within Fika, whether that's bagging coffee, writing a blog post, etc. We have each other's back here and all work together.


List of Responsibilities

  • Ordering cafe supplies: cups, lids, sleeves, milk, teas, ice cream, bake goods, cleaning supplies, chocolate, syrups, 
  • Leading and managing the cafe crew
  • Monthly inventory
  • Cleaning and general upkeep of cafe equipment: grinders and brewers
  • Be comfortable with all of Fika drink protocols and be able to maintain those for yourself and keep staff up to par, too
  • Making sure the cafe stays clean
  • Making and serving coffee drinks
  • Participate in staff meetings
  • Cultivate an interest and expertise in coffee
  • Contribute to planning of special events (Fika sponsored events)
  • Creatively embrace the flow of work within the cafe while maintaining a cafe space that is courteous and inviting to all people.


Personality Characters

The ideal candidate for this position will have an accurate and mature understanding of themselves within the world. A genuine care for people and a heart position focused outwardly is crucial for this position (actually, for all positions). This candidate must be detail focused while being able to multitask and keep moving forward. A propensity towards cleanliness and order are also desired. It is important to be a self starter and to have a vision of what needs to be done. There should be longing for mystery and adventure within too.



As a quickly growing company we are always on the hunt for those hidden and not so hidden treasures and passions that people bring. What’s your passion? Making Videos, taking photos, crunching numbers? As we continue to grow and with the seasonality of the business we are on the hunt for other areas a person can bring value and efficiency to the business.


Company Overview

Fika Coffee is a family owned and run business, located on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Lutsen MN. We operate a coffee roaster and retailer out of about 900 sq.ft space. We roast, package, ship and brew all coffee onsite in this one location. Fika is a seasonal business meaning we have a huge swing in business whether it’s the cafe or roasting. iI the summer time we may have 4-5 full time employees and 3 part time employees, while in the winter months it drops to 2 full time and 3 very limited part time. 

Fika Coffee started roasting coffee in June of 2012 and then in June of 2016 moved the roaster to Lutsen and opened up the cafe. One of the primary goals of Fika Coffee is to continue to grow the roasting side of the business and the amount of coffee we are shipping down HWY 61 to wholesale accounts and online sales. We believe that creating a quality product and shipping it, will be one of the keys for Fika to be a year round business that can support a handful of employees in a meaningful way.

We have three mantras that we will filter a lot of our decisions through, those are coffee, community and adventure. We want to always be moving forward in those areas and be asking if what we are doing is indeed moving us in growth in those areas.

COFFEE  We're obsessed with coffee.  Roasting it, brewing it, drinking it. We think coffee is a catalyst for change, both big and small. It's a way to love your neighbor, the best way to strike up a conversation and the only way to start a morning. To put it simply, we think coffee is more than just a beverage.
COMMUNITY What does coffee have to do with community?  Well, for starters, everything! Coffee brings people together.  It's common ground, even if you drink yours black and the neighbor puts more cream in the cup than coffee.  It's a reason to linger, a reason to talk, a reason to ask good questions. Coffee concentrates similarities and diffuses differences.  Coffee makes friends from strangers, family from friends and neighborhoods from city streets. Coffee is community.
ADVENTURE  What about adventure?  What's so adventurous about a cup of coffee?  Nothing, at least not inherently. But just like no day is complete without a cup of coffee, we believe no day is complete without a little bit of adventure.  Maybe today's adventure is camping or maybe it's inviting a new neighbor over for dinner. Starting a new business or finally taking the pottery class you've been dreaming of for years.  Adventure is all about embracing the unknown, daring to take a risk. Adventure keeps life lively and relevant, full of experiences not to be missed. Grab your coffee and go live life.


If you are interested in this position and being a part of the Fika Family please email your resume to or mail it to PO Box 15 Lutsen, MN 55612.



Ideally we will have this position filled up at the beginning of May, with that said there is flexibility with the starting date for the right candidate. In other words, it is more important to us to find the right candidate than it is to fill the position by May.