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Black Friday at Fika


If you shop our website on the eve or day of Black Friday (November 29, 2019), you'll notice that you won't be saving any money, instead you'll see an extra $5 added to the cost of your order at checkout. That's right, it will cost you more, not less, to shop with us on Black Friday.

The goal of this Black Friday Campaign is not to criticize the economy, nor downplay the importance of exchange in the economic sense - but rather to shift the guiding economic impulse away from where it currently is (competition) and towards a new one: cooperation.

We'll take the $5 we raise from each online order that day, match it, then gift it to Sawtooth Elementary in an effort to bring warm clothing to children in this county. Our hope is that this gift will not only provide a need, but also increase the chances that members of our community are able to step outside and connect to one of the things we highly value: the outdoors.