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Head of Roasting and Production

Fika Coffee is on the mission “To cultivate Beauty through our Work”

The Head Roaster position is responsible for the roasting, packaging and fulfillment of the weekly roastery operations. The Roaster should be well versed in the story of Fika Coffee along with its Mission, Vision and Values. The Roaster is expected to have a mature understanding of oneself in the community that they live and work in. Additionally, the Roaster should have a thorough understanding of the current operational systems that Fika Coffee functions by, and will be expected to do their job within the systems along with the Mission and Values of Fika.


  • Experience in management, coffee roasting or food processing, and coffee knowledge.
  • Be able to lift 20lbs overhead and a 150lb bag with a partner.
  • Be well versed in Fika Coffee’s story, mission and values. Read our blog and be able to actively and accurately participate in our culture.
  • Drink Fika Coffee, have at least some tasting experience for our roasting and brewing style.
  • Inspiring Leader, be able to live out the Fika Values in a way that challenges our employees to grow and move forward in personal and professional development
  • Detail oriented, be able to track and manage all the details of the production operation with efficacy.
  • Creativity, be a problem solver. When problems arise be able to see them and a creative solution to the problem.
  • Directive and strategic leadership – you know how to delegate and leverage your people to make everything work on the highest level.


  • Roast Coffee
  • Manage Weekly Production
  • Cupping Coffee
  • Monthly Green Bean Inventory
  • Roaster Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Green Bean Purchasing
  • Manage the Production Assistant
  • Education
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Execute Organic Procedure


Specific Responsibilities

  • Roasting coffee according to Fika's specification in a consistent, efficient and safe manner.
  • Cupping and tasting different varieties of coffee to help build sensory knowledge.
  • Monitoring daily inventory and adjusting roasted coffee production accordingly.
  • Organizing and maintaining green coffee and roasted coffee storage areas.
  • Cleaning and maintaining roasters/roasting areas to ensure personal and co-worker safety and product integrity.
  • Continuing coffee knowledge and education by attending industry events, classes and reviewing industry publications, asking questions, listening, etc.
  • Qualifications
  • Interest and passion for quality coffee is a must
  • Ability to stay focused and attentive to repetitive tasks is essential
  • Ability to work on your feet in a fast-paced, labor-intensive environment
  • Understanding of needs for daily production for a Roasting Facility (packaging, blending, receiving, shipping, etc.…).

Roasting Proficiency:

You demonstrate a depth of knowledge and ability that will allow Fika to keep growing while focusing in.

  • Ability to match profiles and roast curves.
  • Understanding of roast manipulation theory.
  • Understanding of the development of new roast profiles.
  • Competency with basic roaster maintenance.
  • Awareness of safety measures for roaster operation.
  • Familiarity with green coffee logistics.


Skills/Experience Preferred:

  • Experience in the coffee industry is not required but a plus
  •  Spreadsheet, and Quickbooks experience and is a plus
  • A positive attitude and eagerness to learn and teach about coffee!
  • Functional knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Creating spreadsheet


Reports to:

The owner and leadership team



$40,000 - $45,000 starting depending on experience


Learn more by checking out our job booklet HERE: