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NOW HIRING in our Lutsen, MN Cafe

Position Open Immediately

Job Overview 

The roaster and production assistant position is focused on the assistance, support and contribution to the weekly flow of roastery operations. The production assistant will be responsible for learning the systems and processes which enable the roastery to accomplish its weekly production goals. The production assistant will work directly with the roaster and report to the roaster. The production assistant will predominantly be responsible for seeing through the labeling, bagging, and shipping of the coffee both for the café as well as for online orders and wholesale customers. Responsibilities will expand as the individual progresses with the work.


Tasks include:

  1. Coordinate the weekly production run for bagging (12oz and 5lb bags)
  1. Prepare retail bags with labels and stickers 
  2. Maintain the label printer
  3. Weigh coffee and place it into the retail bag, then seal the bags and stack them on the storage shelf
  4. Manage and Mix the individual coffee components for the coffee blends
  5. Box wholesale orders
  6. Prepare invoices and shipping labels for wholesale orders
  7. Keep the production space clean throughout the workday and with a comprehensive clean at the end of each day
  8. Keep Track and inventory supplies for production 
  9. Contribute to the cleaning of the roaster when necessary
  10. Contribute to the packaging and shipping of online orders
  11. Consistently execute responsibilities as outlined in Fika Coffee policies and procedures 
  12. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Fika Coffee’s story, current coffee offerings and it’s mission and values.


  • $16/hour
  • 6 month review with potential for a raise
  • Free drip and espresso 24/7
  • One free menu drink per shift
  • One free bag of coffee a month
  • 40% of drinks when not working

Weekly Schedule and Approximated Hours 25-30 hours

2-3 days a week. 

Tuesday, Wednesday 8-4pm, for sure. As job grows either Mondays and Thursdays will be added too.