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Organic Dark Roast, Mexico - 12oz (340g) - (subscription)

Organic Dark Roast, Mexico - 12oz (340g) - (subscription)

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About the Subscription

Put your coffee orders on autopilot by signing up for this Dark Roast subscription to get these beans delivered as often as you like. Not only will you not have to think about reordering fresh beans, but you'll save money, too! Adjust the delivery amount or frequency whenever you like and cancel anytime after your second shipment.

These beans are also available as a single order instead of a recurring subscription order in a 12 oz bag or 5lb bag. 

About the Dark Roast

This particular bean holds up well to the extreme heat and time that goes along with a darker roast. It's clean, sweet and smooth, not bitter like some dark roast coffees can be. So grab a friend and cut this coffee with a little fresh cream and sugar for a nice afternoon fika!


Origin: Mexico
Region: Sierra Madre, Chiapas
Coop: Cafe Sierra Azul
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1900 masl
Method: Fully Washed
Certification: Organic
Importer: Cafe Imports




"Picked up a bag of the Dark Roast. Without a doubt it is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Wonderful, mellow, rich, nearly no acidity. So many notes of chocolate and walnuts and caramel. It was a decadent treat!"