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Fika Coffee Blog

Bringing Fika to the Thanksgiving Table

My cousin used to sing a song that went like this “Thanksgiving is coming again. Thanksgiving is coming I know. Before Thanksgiving Day, the turkey...

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Coffee In the Great Outdoors

Everybody’s gotta get away sometime, right? Vacate the present, possibly monotonous scene. Get a welcome change of scenery. Recharge the proverbial batteries. Well, here at...

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A fika to last a lifetime. Or at least a weekend.

Serving superb coffee is a delight. Serving superb coffee in a beautiful outdoor setting is even better. Serving superb coffee in a beautiful outdoor setting...

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Hello, How Do Ya' Brew?

One of the most common questions we get here at Fika Coffee is “How should I brew my coffee?” That’s a simple question with an...

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

My first job in coffee was during college when I got a part time job at a Dunn Bros in Roseville, MN. Dunn Bros is...

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Welcome to Fika Coffee. Welcome to the new website. Welcome to the blog. Welcome to Grand Marais, MN. Please take a minute, grab yourself a...

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