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The Story Behind the Red-winged Blackbird

by Josh Lindstrom on

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post about one of our most commonly asked questions: what’s the best way to brew coffee? This month, we’d like to tackle another frequently asked Fika question: Why the Red-winged Blackbird? This little bird has peaked the curiosity of almost everyone whose laid eyes on it, sparking interest and conversation, two things we love.


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The Red-winged Blackbird came along a few years after Fika first started up. And in many ways it found us rather than the other way around. Red-winged Blackbirds are migratory birds.  Depending on the time of year, they can be found in Alaska, Central American and everywhere in between. We wanted our coffee to have wings and an innate desire to reach people all over the globe. And when we first started out, we were selling everything through our Roaster to Door Subscriptions, mailing coffee to our customers across the country.  Our coffee was and is traveling from here to there and everywhere in between, making the Red-winged Blackbird was the perfect mascot. But that’s not the only reason we chose this particular bird to represent Fika Coffee. Ever notice how the red splotch of color on its wing is what sets it apart from other birds? Until it takes flight, this bird can be mistaken for a common blackbird. Its not until it takes off and the observer catches the tell-tale flash of crimson on the wing that its recognized as the red winged black bird. At first glance, Fika might seem like just another coffee roaster or just another pound of coffee. But we believe Fika to be so much more. We hope our customers notice what sets us apart. And while not intentional, we appreciate that this particular bird is far from solitary. Preferring to roost in community, the Red-winged Blackbird fits the bill when it comes to Fika’s community-mindedness. All of this is not to say that we are entirely defined by our logo. The Red-winged Blackbird is just a part of who we are, one chapter in the story that we’re currently writing. We’re still discovering who Fika is, everything from our aesthetics to the niche we are best suited to fill.  Whether our logo stays the same as we continue along our journey, we can't say for sure.  But our dedication to roasting great coffee, supporting small farms and advocating for the health of our community will always represent who Fika Coffee is.



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