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Fables of The North Shore; Stories and Art by Natalie Salminen Rude & Jordan Sundberg

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"Fables of the North Shore is a multidisciplinary and collaborative storytelling project inspired by the North Shore region of Lake Superior. We drew spark from folktales, fables and our own kooky daydreams - all in hopes this would bring our community together around the campfire of local, shared stories, exaggerated tales and a plethora of artistic mediums.

The fables and visual illustrations before you are woven with nostalgic, beloved, silly, wise and favorite Lake Superior North Shore elements and characters. You'll see patterns, criss-crossed connections and characters formed. May you smile! Relate! Chuckle! Be inspired! And may you learn you should always have a canoe paddle on hand! We hope these stories and their art bring life and light and maybe a reflection or two."