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Finca Punta Del Cerro Tee

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We designed and created these shirts with our dear friends, the Villatoro family, in mind. Our connection to the Villatoros’ goes back to 2016, when I (Josh) met Aurelio Villatoro and his sons Rodin and Jenner on their small coffee farm located in the small village of Hoja Blanca, Guatemala. The connection we had over our humanity, was deepen by a shared love of excellent coffee that is sustainably (socially, financially, ecologically) grown.

About the Villatoros — Their family works together to grow, harvest, process
and sell coffee on two distinct small farms, Finca Villaure/ La Esperanza in Hoja
Blanca and Finca Punta Del Cerro in Peña Roja. On the farm they are working hard to
produce a quality product for us and a handful of other roasters who value the story
behind their coffee.

Purpose of the Tee — In order to support their mission and efforts to increase
their quality of life and coffee on the farm, we are donating $18 from the sale of each
shirts directly to the family. It will be used for projects on their farm, like aiding in
the purchase of the “bodega” that they recently bought from a neighboring coffee
producer in Hoja Blanca. This bodega will great provide them with much needed
storage place for coffee after it’s dried and before it goes on to the mill. There is
some renovation work that is needed to be done with this building, like tightening up
places where water is getting in and also installing some fans to keep air flow moving.

The design of the shirt was inspired by the drying patios on the Villatoro’s farm and is intended to get others to feel connected to the people behind their coffee. After-all, coffee is people.