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by Josh Lindstrom on
Welcome to Fika Coffee. Welcome to the new website. Welcome to the blog. Welcome to Grand Marais, MN. Please take a minute, grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a look around the new website. But actually before you do that, please finish reading this.
I love coffee and I love people, it’s my desire that this blog would be one way for me to share the Fika Coffee story with you and how those loves of coffee and people come together to build a business, support a family, engage the community and share coffee with those I’m around. As the Fika story continues to be written, I will update you on this blog of all the happenings, things that Fika Coffee is up to, coffee thoughts, adventures of the Lindstrom Five (Joshua, Stephanie, Claire, Sophia & Leif) and whatever else may come my way.
We all have stories and they are all different and they all are great. Coffee in itself is an amazing story and I’m still in the first couple chapters. It’s one of my goals through Fika Coffee to share the story of coffee with you. So what makes up a great story? All stories have characters, setting, theme, plot and conflict. I believe Fika Coffee has all those going for it in one way or another. So come along and play your part and listen as our story unfolds.

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