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Q & A

by Josh Lindstrom on

The feedback we've gotten on the recent news of Fika opening up a shop in Summer of 2016 has been astounding and, to say the least, encouraging.

Mixed in with all the encouragement and congratulations, we've been hearing folks ask a couple of important questions about our upcoming plans.  And while there will likely be many more questions to come, we'd like to take a moment to answer what appear to be the two most pressing.

  1.  What are your hours going to be once the shop opens up?

Our plan is to be open Monday through Saturday.  We will open at 7:00AM each day.  Monday through Thursday, we'll close up shop at 2:00PM.  But fear not, all you late afternoon coffee fiends...Friday and Saturday we'll keep our doors and our espresso machine hoppin' till 6:00PM.  So, as of this moment, the hours sign on our door will read:

Monday-Thursday 7AM-2:00PM
Friday & Saturday 7AM-6:00PM

All of this is subject to change, of course. Once everything is official, the hours, if they've changed at all, will be finalized.

You probably noticed we don't plan to be open Sundays.  Our philosophy behind this is simple: it's a day off.  As we think about moving forward with Fika Coffee, safe-guarding family with a Sabbath-day of rest remains incredibly important to us.  At the heart of fika is relationship, community and togetherness. A day of rest ensures we will have time to foster some of the most critical relationships in our lives.

2.  Will you be serving food?

Yes, we will.  We're pleased to be partnering with Elfvin's Bakery of Grand Marais for our pastry-type selections.  The talented folks at Elfvin's will be bringing Fika Coffee fresh baked goods regularly.  Items like muffins, scones, nutmeg slices and biscotti are just a few of the choices you'll have when debating what to pair your coffee with.


At first, this may seem like a small selection.  But, as we've mentioned before, we're just fine starting small and getting bigger.  We'd rather provide quality rather than quantity and we know Elfvin's Bakery to be of top-notch quality.   As the business grows, we plan to expand our food menu to include more substantial food selections.

We also want to leave room for some creativity in our menu, allowing us to offer more specials.  We're dreaming up seasonal menu items like a Chocolate Cake Shake and Maple Sap Coffee.  Leaving things small in the beginning will make fun extras like these possible.

So there you have it.  Hopefully this answers some of the brewing questions in our future customer's minds.  By all means, if you have more, leave a comment.  Let us know what you're thinking.

And be sure to stop by again soon.  We'll be posting updates weekly!

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