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Drywall and Tile: Shop Update

by Josh Lindstrom on

Hi all.

A lot's been happening at our Lutsen location.  Things are progressing, and quickly.  Here's a brief update on some of the ins and outs of the last few weeks.

The tile is completely installed in the roaster room.  After the dry-wall work, which is in progress now, finishes up, we'll be able to finalize the tile work in the kitchen area.  It looks great so far and we're eager to show you a photo of the completed work.

All the electrical and plumbing has been roughed in.  This was no small feat and we can take no credit for it!  The owner of the property did it all and we are extremely grateful.


This weekend, Josh will be heading to Minneapolis to pick up slabs of walnut.  Our friend and woodworker extraodinar, Woody Seim, will be using the beautiful wood to custom build the bar our customers will be sitting at while they fika.  He'll also be making the espresso bar.  We're thrilled to have his incredible craftsmanship for these two projects.  When you see them, we think you'll be thrilled too.

Mark, our faithful UPS delivery guy, has been visiting the Lindstrom house almost daily.  Airpots, retails items (like grinders and brewers), mops, brooms and all other number of coffee-shop related items are arriving in boxes that are swiftly filling up every square inch of the Lindstrom basement.  We can't wait to get these items out of the house and into the shop!


Our cups, the ones you'll be sipping your perfect beverage of choice from, will be arriving shortly.  John, our talented branding designer, whipped these up for us and we couldn't be happier.  We're looking forward to the day when they'll be lined up next to the airpots and espresso machine, waiting to be filled with coffee and handed off to our customers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.26.46 PM

For now, we'll just keep checking things off our long list of to-dos.  One of these days, everything on the list will be done and we'll be opening our doors to coffee drinkers everywhere for a fika well worth all the work and wait.

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