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Fika, Finally!

by Josh Lindstrom on

Hey!  Wondering why we haven't posted anything on our blog since May 23rd?

Because we've been busy serving up lattes and cappuccinos at our new shop in Lutsen!

That's right, Fika friends... Fika Coffee is open for business.

The summer has been a bustle of brewing and roasting and welcoming new faces into the shop, with everyday being a little bit different.  Our roaster seems happy in its new home and we're loving the ease of roasting, bagging and brewing all in one fabulous place.  Business has been good.  Some days are quite busy (weekends like Fourth of July and the Lutsen 99er were particularly busy) and others have been pleasantly steady.  In other words, every day is a little bit different, which is just fine with us.  We like adventure, remember?

Our menu is robust and growing.  We're proudly serving lattes, cappuccinos, brewed coffee, a fine selection of teas, locally made ice cream and delectable treats from Elfvin's Bakery in Grand Marais.  Soon, we'll be adding cold press coffee, hot cocoa and smoothies to our menu.

And though our doors have been open for almost a month, we haven't had our official grand opening yet.  We've still got a counter top to put in, shelving to complete and art work to get up on the walls. Once all that is in place, we'll celebrate!

During our Grand Opening, expect stellar daily deals like 2 for 1 In-House Cappuccinos (what better way to fika than to share a free cappuccino with a friend!) We'll have a drawing for a Fika-approved grinder, brewer, two mugs and a bag of coffee (everything you need to brew great coffee at home...though we hope that doesn't mean the winner will stop coming in!)  And, last but not least, every person who walks in the door will get a chance to name our newest speciality drink.  The winner of the name-a-drink contest will get a bag of coffee and eternal bragging rights.

We're shooting for the Grand Opening to take place in July but, as anyone who's every done anything knows, everything takes longer than you think it's going to so, we'll see.  We'll keep you posted and hope you'll come out and celebrate with us!

Until then, the bottom line is we're open and thrilled about it.  If you're in town, do stop by. We've got a fabulous latte and a fresh scone waiting for you.

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