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Fika History Through the Lens of our Organic Dark Roast

by Josh Lindstrom on

Wow, as I sit down to write this I’m a little taken back how quickly the last, almost, nine years went.


The Past: Without a Dark Roast Coffee

Back in May of 2015, I wrote a blog post about Taking a Walk on the Wild Side, that is the Dark Roast side. When I first turned on the roaster in June of 2012 and then for almost the next 3 years, I did not create any dark roast blend or offering. Then in 2015, I came around to it. I was not the only person drinking Fika Coffee, we had other customers who would enjoy a nice smooth dark roast. So in 2015 I started to roast the Organic Dark Roast.


Using a Mexican Coffee Bean

For the last 6 years not a whole lot has changed with it. I have only made one change, that is when I first started the Organic Dark Roast it was a coffee from Mexico from about May until November and then roughly December until April it was a coffee from Peru. I don’t remember the year exactly but about two years ago I switched to just keep it to be Mexico year round. The decision to do this was one for the customers because we did get feedback that most people preferred Mexico to Peru, secondly on our end it was easier to plan our green bean buying.


Another Change

Well now I’m thinking about making another change and I want to hear back from you guys. What we (Fika) are considering doing is changing the beans used in our dark roast from beans grown in Mexico to beans grown in Guatemala.


The exciting part!

Now for the exciting part: we want you, our customers, partners and friends to let us know which bean you prefer. One of our importing partners, Onyx Coffee, sent us enough green beans from an organic Guatemala to do one batch of a dark roast to try it side by side with our Mexico. So this week we will be roasting up this Guatemala and then putting it in an unmarked bag along with our current Mexico offering and selling the two with the hopes that you will take the Fika Challenge and brew both of them how you normally would and let us know which beans you prefer.


Want to join the challenge?

If so, here are the details:

  1. Fika Coffee will roast one batch of our current Organic Mexico 2020 Harvest and then roast a batch of Organic Guatemala 2020 Harvest. Each batch will be the same size, roughly the same roast profile.
  2. Fika will sell two 8oz unmarked bags. One with an A and one with a B. Only we will know what is what.
  3. You purchase the combo pack. We will provide you with a survey link to get your feedback.

Sometime in April we'll send out the results to our online community and let everyone know which one people liked more. If you aren't already part of it, you can become a an official online friend of Fika HERE to find out the results.

Sounds fun - right? We'd love to have you join us and look forward to hearing what you think!





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