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Fika on Holiday

by Amy Schmidt on

Just a little head’s up to let everyone know that Fika Coffee will be on holiday from October 29th until November 8th

What does a Fika Holiday mean for you?  Mostly, it means you will have to brew your coffee at home for a few days.  The good news?  You can brew Fika!  Our roaster will still be churning out perfect beans and our on-line shop will be up and running, awaiting your on-line orders. 

What does a Fika Holiday mean for us?  Mostly, it means installing a brand new espresso machine, completing a few maintenance projects around the shop and some sporadic deep cleaning.  And, last but not least, a two-day fika for owner Joshua Lindstrom and his wife. 

Thanks for your patience and come November 9th, we hope you’ll pay us a visit.  We’ll be there, eager to pull you the perfect shot from our stellar espresso machine. 

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