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Fun Special for the Summer

by Josh Lindstrom on

Fun Deals

We have a couple fun things planned for this summer and want to share one of them with you now.

Get FREE Coffee

Now through October 2021, when you buy a bag of coffee from you will get a free cup of drip coffee at our cafe in Lutsen. Currently we offer this deal to folks when they are in the cafe - buy a bag of beans you get a free cup of drip - so I thought it would be fun to extend to our online friends as well.

Bring Your Bag to Lutsen

All you need to do is save the bag your coffee came in, write your name and order number on the back of it and bring it to the cafe in Lutsen (put it in your suitcase now so you don't forget) where we'll give you a free cup of drip coffee. Valid on up to three bags/cups of coffee from now to October 2021.

Note: this is for only coffee that was purchased on our website and not from a wholesale account.

Why We're Doing It

The goal behind this is to create more overlap between our online community and our customers who come into the store.

Simple, Delicious, Beautiful

The rules are simple, the reward is delicious and the setting on the North Shore is beautiful.


North Shore Blend Update

Oh, almost forgot, we are rebranding our North Shore Blend to have it’s new own look. So excited for this! Our friends at Studio MLPS are knocking it out of the park again.

Stay tuned!


In addition to this free coffee offer this summer, we're also making a number of changes. We shared all about it on the blog post HERE.


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