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Deep Gratitude

by Josh Lindstrom on


I’m thinking that we all will have a little more time on our hands to reflect on our life within this world, as the next few days, weeks unfold. I want to share here with you just how truly grateful I am for all of you.

I had the day off this past Monday (March 16th). And, by that I mean I wasn't working at the cafe. But, I sat down now to write this short blog/newsletter and share some thoughts with ya’ll and to celebrate Jude’s 3rd birthday.


Jude rides a bus on the North Shore
Just a side note to start off Jude’s birthday Jude and I rode with our good friend Jake on his morning bus route. Jude was speechless, he loved it!


This past Sunday afternoon, I went out to Fika after the cafe closed to box up some online orders to make sure that they will get out in the mail on Monday. It was quiet and peaceful. I started some music and went to work putting together online orders and a delivery for a local grocery store, Johnson’s Foods. That's when I was overcome with gratitude.

For those who don't know, in each of the boxes we ship out for online orders we include a personalized thank you card. As I was filling out these cards for all of the orders it hit me. I felt gratitude for what Fika Coffee has become BECAUSE of everyone who is reading this, ordering coffee online, stopping into the cafe or buying it from one of our wholesale accounts. I felt for that moment in time that I was doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Working at Fika Coffee in Lutsen

The simple act of coffee can bring comfort to us all. Although may not be the coffee aloneit might be the ones we have around us—but, the coffee is there.

Thank you to you all for your support with Fika and for the continued thoughts, prayers and support over the next few weeks. As we move forward, in the spirit of Fika, find someone to share a cup of coffee with.


My thank you card to you:

Fika Thank You Card

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  • I am so grateful for Fika Coffee. My sister and I stop in multiple times when we make our little treks up to that area so we get to share that experience with each other. Back at home, I order online and my grandson and I share the Fika Coffee experience. Thank you for all you do to enrich the lives of all who stop at your cafè and those that order coffee beans online!

    Gloria Robertson on

  • Josh….thx for all you guys do! Happy to be ordering my coffee from y’all. Looks like my order might double as my father in law has moved in with us and he loves to “fika”

    JAne on

  • We are so grateful to have you and your family and your wonderful staff with us at Lutsen. A very valuable asset to Lutsen. Thank you

    Mary Brislance on

  • Grateful for what you and your company do for us everyday, thanks as always Josh.


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