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Fika Coffee Illustrated in 2020 Stats

by Hannah Hoaglund on
Just over a year ago I wrote a blog post about our social media breakup in 2019 which spoke to the idea of limits and becoming - you can read it here. In a recent meeting Colin brought this idea back up and it's been on my mind since.

We are coming off of a crazy good year. December was our overall biggest month of the year - that's unheard of! To some extent, I feel like this year I just kept throwing wood on a fire but was never able to sit down and enjoy the warmth. So as I look into 2021, I hope to make some good hard decisions that will set Fika on a path to continue to grow in the quality of our products and services and not just to beat last period's numbers. I hope to make decisions that will encourage and support healthy and whole lives for both our employees and my family.

So stay tuned as I learn to figure out what that sweet spot is for Fika and what that looks like. 
Thank you for your continued support!


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  • We love Fika coffee. We have found a local store that carries Fika. Also received a 5 lb bag of North Woods blend from our son on Xmas that he ordered on line. We were thrilled. Glad to hear you had a successful December. Keep up the good work!!

    Tamsen Jacob on

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