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Really Good Art Makes Fika Really Happy

by Amy Schmidt on

If you’ve been to the shop lately, you’ve likely noticed some very cool art work on our walls. Inspired by the National Parks and based loosely on reality, the prints of Auslandish artist Sarah Nelson turn nature on its head and give life to the wonderfully zany.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Sarah (or rather, standing, while I wrangled my two children and she politely answered my questions) and what I learned about her was just as fascinating as the art that she had brought.

Truth be told, the things she told me about her artistic life (why she does art, her inspiration and muse, her methods and her goals) were so beautiful and interesting, I’m not sure I could compose a description that did them justice.   There was a depth to her responses, an authenticity that simply can’t be captured in words. 

Sarah Nelson is an artist worth paying attention to. With a humble pen and a set of markers, she gives the eyes and the heart a gift. 

I wish every one had the chance to sit with her and chat about art and it’s power to transform darkness to light and bleakness to beauty.

But, since there are 7 billion people in the world and only one Sarah Nelson, the best I can say is that you should do what it takes to seek out her work. Come to Fika, and while you’re drinking a latte, drink in the details of her delightful drawings.  Should one capture your imagination, buy it!  Because they’re all for sale and, thanks to Sarah’s conviction that art should belong to the people, are very reasonably priced. 

Check out her website Aulandish Co. where you’ll find links to what she’s doing and where you can find more of her work.  And while you’re there, be sure to read about her work with Casa de Mi Familia, a children's home in Tijuana, Mexico.

It goes without saying Fika Coffee is extremely honored to be displaying the fine work of such a fine artist. We think her art makes our shop a better place to be. 

And because every print hanging on our wall is an original, when Sarah is a rich and famous artist, we’ll get to say ‘You saw it here first, folks.’

We’re not bragging or anything 

Okay, maybe we are.

Sarah Nelson’s work will be in our shop through the end of July. Make Fika Coffee a stop during your wanderings of the Grand Marais Art Festival (hosted by the Grand Marais Art Colony), grab a coffee and a long, lingering look. 

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