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Sezzle: A New Way to Pay

by Amy Schmidt on

Great news, Fika on-line customers! There’s now a new way for you to pay for your purchases that not only supports a local Minnesota business, but gives you more bang for you buck. It’s called Sezzle and we think you’ll think it’s pretty great.

Sezzle was started by Charlie Youakim and Paul Paradis, two friends currently based in Minnesota. Born out of frustration with the high cost of payment processing at Charlie’s first company, PassportSezzle transfers money digitally from a customer’s bank account to the merchant. More than just a slick way to pay, digital debit, as Sezzle calls it, also saves the merchant over 50% in processing fees and rewards the customer with cash back or store credit on all purchases.

Here’s the skinny on how it works: When you make an online purchase at Fika, we give you the option of using Sezzle as your payment method. Sezzle then walks you through a few easy steps enabling them to connect directly to your back account and transfer the money to Fika. Subsequent purchases are fast and simple, requiring only your mobile number and the 4-digit PIN you created with your initial purchase. It’s super secure, too.   Because Sezzle can recognize your device, they can also recognize when you (or someone else) is not using that device and will require an extra verification step to ensure there is not any fraud. Your bank login credentials (entered for only the initial purchase) are not stored by Sezzle but passed onto your bank, and your account and routing numbers are tokenized and stored in high-security data vaults.

Secure and simple. 

Oh, and incentivized.  As in, you get rewarded for paying with Sezzle.  

Yep, it's true.  Because Sezzle offers two great reward options for customers.  With each purchase you make at Fika, you can choose between 1% cash back or a 5% store credit for use on future Fika purchases.  

So, for example, you decide you want to buy one of our rad stocking caps.  So, you choose the store credit option until you have enough saved up to buy one.  And then, as the story goes, when you've got the hat, you'll need a new fat tire bike to go with it.  So, you switch to the 1% cash back and start saving!  Pretty soon, you're wearing your hat and riding the back roads on your new fat tire bike.  

All because you chose to pay with Sezzle.   

And, since Sezzle saves us on processing fees, we can stay committed to selling our coffee at affordable prices.

It’s a simple equation really. Sezzle + You = a fat tire bike, a stocking cap and really good coffee.

What more could you want?

Check out their website, particularly the FAQ section for more in depth information.   You’ll find everything you need to know there. Except for Paul’s favorite coffee drink. That’s insider information. But, because we like you, we’ll give you a hint. It starts with light roast coffee and ends with half and half.

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