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The Future: Shop Reopening

by Josh Lindstrom on

Reopening the Cafe

Our Lutsen cafe will be opening back up on Thursday, June 4th. With the cafe opening back up, it kinda seems to be like going back in time, because we will be scaling the hours back and making some adjustments to best meet our current situation.

What the opening will look like

The cafe will be open Thursday - Monday most likely starting with limited hours until we get an idea of what things may look like.  Tuesday and Wednesday we will be set aside solely for coffee roasting production. While we are roasting and packaging coffee we want to keep the general public out of the space. When the cafe is open we will be attempting to use the whole space with bringing folks in the front door and funnel them out the side/back door. That said, we would appreciate any feedback or comments you have with this.


Can't wait to see you

Although we know this summer will bring challenges and changes that require a lot of flexibility from everyone, we are looking forward to it. More than anything we're excited to be able to reconnect to you, our community, face-to-face.

Thank you for your continued support.

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