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The Importance of Highway 61

by Josh Lindstrom on

The North Shore is a beautiful place to live, but it is also incredibly challenging. Because of that, Highway 61 plays an integral role in our business and community. It allows us to offer a quality product, broaden our community and create jobs.


Thank you for the continued support of our business.

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  • My family and I travel to the north shore from Minneapolis as often as we can. A highlight is going to Fika each morning for quality coffee. Highly recommend!

    BJ Langdon on

  • Thank you Fika Coffee Master Roasters! Myself and my family believes your coffee is the most amazing coffee ever! I’m spreading the word and LOVE to support your business. I really enjoy getting my shipments of goodies from you and love the personal touch of the card with current happenings, very nice touch. My family must stop daily or twice daily when we are over your way. It always makes our trips feel even more special with that extremely smooth and delectable Coffee. Thank You!!!

    Susan Abrahamson on

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  • My family and I love Fika Coffee. I’ve turned several friends and family members into Fika Coffee lovers as well. It wasn’t all that difficult since Fika Coffee delivers a fresh, high quality coffee whether in person or by mail. We enjoy being inside the Fika shop, especially on a cold, foggy, maybe rainy morning, sipping on a latte or black coffee and talking to Josh or Colin about the next hike or trail run.

    Matt Salo on

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