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The Results Are In!

by Josh Lindstrom on

Last month we created the dark roast coffee challenge. The challenge was essentially a blind tasting test a handful of members in our community participated in to help us determine which beans to use going forward for our dark roast coffee: beans from Mexico or beans from Guatemala.

The beans from Mexico are the beans that we have been using for the past couple of years. We have been enjoying the beans but we where approached by one of our import partners if we would consider using Guatemala for the Dark Roast. Though we certainly could have made a decision and moved forward, we decided to ask our community instead.

After blind taste testing the coffee and letting us know which cup of coffee was preferred, more of the tasters voted for coffee B from Mexico (21 people or 56.8%) than they did the coffee A from Guatemala (16 votes or 43.2% of the votes). So, we'll be moving ahead with the Mexican coffee.



Though we aren’t making any changes to the coffee, we’re really grateful for this challenge. Not only was it fun and community building, but we can move forward with additional confidence that we’re using a bean that people really enjoy drinking.

Have you tried the organic dark roast that uses the Mexican beans before? These particular beans make a cup of coffee that is sweet and smooth, not bitter like some dark roast coffees can be. If you haven’t tried it, we think you ought to – and let us know if you do indeed think it’s as smooth a different from other dark roasts as we do.

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  • Glad to hear the Mexican beans won the contest. It was the first coffee roast I ever had at Fika when the shop first opened and I have a weird allegiance to it.

    Matt Salo on

  • Yes! Spill the beans… which bag contained the beans from Mexico? We were a house divided! Though, truthfully we enjoyed both.

    Chris Goemans on

  • Which was the bean from Mexico? A or B? There was a definite difference!

    Lori Linder on

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